How to Start an Ad Blog:

I have no idea, honestly.

It seems like a good idea though. I get to unpack all the weird experiences I’ll have while studying abroad in a country I know nothing about. Where they don’t speak my language. And I’m all alone. That’s not terrifying or anything though, no sweat. *Timid Flex Emoji* It’s a way for people to keep track of me too… until I fall off the face of the earth. Oh, you didn’t hear? In Europe, the world actually is flat. Thanks Columbus, ya fucked up.

I want to create something but a straight up blog isn’t that useful to me. I’m not a journal-er or a document-er so I gotta play to my strengths. Writing has always been one of them but I’m also pretty good at being a lazy butthole. As thrilling as the world of status updates tends to be, it’s really not for me.

test status

That’s what Facebook status updates are for and none of the cool kids are doing that anymore.* Gotta keep up my street cred and stay $wag at all times, folks. If there’s any take away you… take away from this blog, its to stay $wag.

Anyway, I’m starting an Ad Blog instead. Each post will be an ad for something. Even this post is a kind of advertisement. You know, for starting a blog. It’s fun! I enjoy it! Coke is better than Pepsi! (I’ll keep working on it). It lets me dissect my trip to Europe while doing something useful for my career. I was advised by a professor in the Journalism School (shouts to Len) to start building a portfolio by… starting. Writing ads for anything, everything. Take something in my life and write an ad about how it makes me feel. Convince others to feel. Ezpz. Alright, not super convincing yet, but at least I’ve got plenty of time between now and when I decide to dropout of school to work at a party hostel in Budapest to perfect my craft.**

My one rule for this blog will be to include some kind of media in every post. Hopefully most of it will be homemade (I’m bringing a sketch pad and a camera to Hungary) but I’ll probably get lazy and include a found gif or a Spotify link. Otherwise, I’m going to advertise whatever I encounter, whatever feels like it needs to be advertised.

I’m going to keep this casual– primarily first person with frequent swearing/colloquial nonsense-speak. This is me, I’m writing straight out of my own head. Reading aloud may help you to understand what the hell I’m trying to say. It’s  also a criminally underrated hobby. If you don’t believe me, go to any bland encyclopedia and see how much more fun aardvark facts are when read in a Shakespearean tone. #DramaticWikipediaReadings

This blog will be advertisements of my own opinions. Like the goofy suggestion above, all of these things are from my own experience. I will try and take privilege, context, and other perspectives into consideration when writing about things, but honestly, the only person I imagine is reading with any kind of frequency is my mom.

Hey mom, Europe is pretty tight. Stay $wag. Love u. xoxo

*Dang sick rhyme, yo.
**Mom I’m kidding. Please relax.


How to Start an Ad Blog:

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