Wordboard I

I’ve been thinking a lot about moodboards and how it’s bullshit that designers have a cool creative tool to help with their jobs. Designers get all the shiny toys, man.

Copywriters, what do we have? Seeing movies? Drinking scotch? Personally, I prefer bourbon or plain whisky.

I’ve been trying to think of how I can make some kind of moodboard for my writing, something to help me collect a bunch of well written ideas that I can look back at for inspiration or to help me reassess when I get off-track on a project. However, throwing out words and phrases like, “visceral” and “porous oak wood” are only gonna get me so far.

But… well I dunno, maybe they actually will. It’s worth a try so I’m just going to start burst-posting a bunch of ideas, ads, commercials, and other nonsense I find and title them “Wordboards” and see how that turns out. Maybe it’ll evolve into something. Maybe you (yes, you!) could get some inspiration as well. Call it my own curated ad journal. I mean, this is an ad blog, right? I should probably put some authority into it.

Below are some cool ideas I saw or thought about last week that I think are worth remembering.


Here’s an older one (2014, excellent vintage) I’ve been thinking about lately. It always made me smile, though the creativity of it didn’t really do anything to sell me on switching to Sprint. The actual content of the ad evoked the idea of texting without limits which is a selling point of the ad, packaged in a cleverly contrasted actor/context mixup. Mostly though, I just love that Malcom McDowell got paid to say “the hottest hotty that ever hottied” and “amaze-balls.”


Speaking of people getting paid to do funny things: I love Jeff Goldblum and I love Jeff Goldblum yelling at a modest stack of cash for Last Week Tonight. Again, a bit older, but bare with me (it’s my first time doing this). I can’t hep but think he’s mostly riffing, and with only an inanimate object.


Here’s another ad, much more recent but from the chinese WildAid and GOblue public health companies. Gotta love the grotesque nature of it considering its a PSA, but what really got me about it was the idea: change your habits before they change you. In the ad, the new citizens of China have adapted to the smog by growing incredibly long nose hair as filtration systems. The ad is asking people to NOT adapt, however, but rather fix the issue of smog before it… well, before it fixes the people of China. The world isn’t ready for the nose man-bun quite yet.


And finally, here is just a simple thought.


I can’t remember what I was reading or listening to but someone got me thinking about exposed brick architecture. I actually used this metaphor in an application recently, that’s how much its been sticking with me. The idea of exposed brick being honest is so simple but I think it’s what has always drawn me towards the style of interior decoration, albeit subconsciously until this point. The idea of authenticity trumps rustic charm in my book; the fact that there’s no plaster cover-ups, just a straight look at what is holding you building up I think works as a great aesthetic and metaphor.


Good stuff, good stuff. This might also just be a place for me to collect ideas and thoughts I like, but hey, that’s basically a moodboard. Just less chic and cool and fuck man I wish I was a designer sometimes. Maybe I should practice illustrator.

Wordboard I

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