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First flight landed in at 6:30am. Next flight isn’t until 10:15am.


How to Start an Ad Blog:

I have no idea, honestly.

It seems like a good idea though. I get to unpack all the weird experiences I’ll have while studying abroad in a country I know nothing about. Where they don’t speak my language. And I’m all alone. That’s not terrifying or anything though, no sweat. *Timid Flex Emoji* It’s a way for people to keep track of me too… until I fall off the face of the earth. Oh, you didn’t hear? In Europe, the world actually is flat. Thanks Columbus, ya fucked up.

I want to create something but a straight up blog isn’t that useful to me. I’m not a journal-er or a document-er so I gotta play to my strengths. Writing has always been one of them but I’m also pretty good at being a lazy butthole. As thrilling as the world of status updates tends to be, it’s really not for me. Continue reading “How to Start an Ad Blog:”

How to Start an Ad Blog: