Wordboard I

I’ve been thinking a lot about moodboards and how it’s bullshit that designers have a cool creative tool to help with their jobs. Designers get all the shiny toys, man.

Copywriters, what do we have? Seeing movies? Drinking scotch? Personally, I prefer bourbon or plain whisky.

I’ve been trying to think of how I can make some kind of moodboard for my writing, something to help me collect a bunch of well written ideas that I can look back at for inspiration or to help me reassess when I get off-track on a project. However, throwing out words and phrases like, “visceral” and “porous oak wood” are only gonna get me so far.

But… well I dunno, maybe they actually will. It’s worth a try so I’m just going to start burst-posting a bunch of ideas, ads, commercials, and other nonsense I find and title them “Wordboards” and see how that turns out. Maybe it’ll evolve into something. Maybe you (yes, you!) could get some inspiration as well. Call it my own curated ad journal. I mean, this is an ad blog, right? I should probably put some authority into it.

Below are some cool ideas I saw or thought about last week that I think are worth remembering. Continue reading “Wordboard I”

Wordboard I